About me


My name is Rosie Grundell, I live in Scarsdale a small town in the Central Goldfields of Victoria Australia. In my little blue humpy (studio) I make polymer clay elves, spirit dolls, medieval folk, witches and many other mystical creatures. I try not to buy anything new except of course the clay and wire. Everything else I use is recycled, up cycled or other interesting found objects. I get my inspiration from the natural world, history and mythology. I began sculpting in 2016 and fell in love with the flexibility of the clay and the creative process. My professional background was in nursing and later in life I completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Palaeoecology. I am retired now and work solely on my creative nature.

About the dolls

Each doll is a one of a kind and is hand crafted with love and intention. I can have an idea about the type of doll I want to make and how they are going to be dressed,  however these rarely manifest themselves. Instead they shape and dress themselves over a number of weeks or even months. The process is slow and none are put up for sale til they feel ‘right’. A name usually comes to me during the making process, though sometimes they sit on the work table for months before the right fabric, fibre and accessories come together to make a completed doll.

Your doll can be simply because you feel drawn to it for no particular reason or it can be used for magical intention purposes, on an altar or as a gift. Because the doll making process is slow I fill the gaps with whatever takes my fancy: sewing, leatherwork, silver smithing, gardening, needle felting, crochet, painting and way too many other things too mention.



Here is photo of me and my dog Morris.... not the greatest photo but this is how I am in my natural habitat


The studio in Scarsdale where the magic happens.